Managed WordPress Hosting: Speed and Security Optimized

Managed WordPress Hosting: Speed and Security Optimized

Author : Paul Warren, Blogger and Founder of

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting emerged because of the popularity of WordPress. Many of the web hosting service providers took this opportunity to specialize and maximize developments through WordPress. Web hosts are now offering this concierge service wherein all the technical aspects that a normal running WordPress website is managed by the web host, which includes WordPress updates, speed, security, website uptime, daily backups, and scalability.

The living notion about managed WordPress hosting is the delivering of hassle-free and complete website experience for users, so that they can focus on running their businesses with expertise and do the things that they specialize in.

The best part about managed WordPress hosting is its premium support coming from web hosting platforms. The support is provided by true experts and professionals from WordPress who have the enough amount of experience than those who are just relying on support manuals. Managed WordPress Hosting has been described and compared by customers to a five-star hotel, and some are also looking at to be an army of experts on their sides.


Managed WordPress Hosting’s features and performance are incredible. It offers an optimized and streamlined WordPress experience. It is a WordPress-installed hosting account and it is what customers are exactly long been searching for. Here are what it offers:

  • Performance-enhancing cache,
  • Automatic WordPress updates through built-in functionality,
  • Plugin blacklist making sure that customers will not be inadvertently installing site-damaging plugins,
  • Enhanced security, and
  • Latest WordPress version is automatically installed.


There are also existing limitations that customers should know because of the optimized configurations of managed WordPress hosting accounts.

  • Managed WordPress is not supporting WordPress MU,
  • Hosting back-ends don’t have a control panel; tools such as Cron jobs will not be available,
  • Users can’t install too many blacklist plugins that can harm their site.

It pays to have the knowledge and idea about what managed WordPress hosting is especially if you’re new to it. As a beginner, it’s helpful that you know these things decide if managed WordPress hosting is suited for you. You can check out this site WP Engine review at my blog to start.

Best Providers of Managed WordPress Hosting


WPEngine web host offers VIP managed WordPress hosting. Hosting is hassle-free, fast, and they have robust servers to handle everything.


SiteGround is very popular among WordPress hosts and recognized well in the WordPress community. They are providing in-house unique WordPress security and speed solutionsto make every site secure and fast as possible.


Media Temple has been in the managing cloud-hosting world for more than 17 years now. It is providing highly-specialized hosting plans on WordPress that come with automatic daily backups, setup wizard, WordPress updates, staging sites, DDoS protection, Git integration, and 24/7 uptime monitoring as part of their server performance.


Pagely is the largest and pioneering platform inmanaged WordPress hosting. Their server architecture is robust and run by Amazon Cloud. It has the best performance, scalability, and redundancy available to the world’s biggest brands without dealing with any technical details. They handle automatic updates, daily backups, PressArmor security, and many more that helps customers focus on their business.

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