Breaking the Writer’s Block: Tips for creating original content that shines!

If you write online, then you know original content is everywhere and growing, Original content is known to increase web traffic and search rankings making websites easier to find, Unfortunately, creating original content can be easier said than done, it requires creativity and patience. Here are some tips to get the creativity going and work through your writer’s block.


Take a Break

Some people think of madness as doing the same over and over again while expecting a different result. Instead of staring at a blank page or doing more research, try getting away from your work for a moment. Giving yourself a break can help clear your head so you can think of something new. It can be a walk or a work out depending on how long of a break you need. Some people work in intervals of 30 minutes and 5 minute breaks, for others coming back from a long lunch is all they need. Just think about what works best for you and focus on something else.


Free Writing

Free writing is continuous writing without attention to grammar and ignoring any form of good communication. This exercise allows you to reflect on your ideas and identifying things you want to expand on. Think about what you want to write about and just start typing. Start with the facts and then think about what you want to say on a particular idea. If you notice you’re writing in circles or have stopped completely, you may have just found an area that needs more information or a new direction.


This exercise also helps if you are looking for things to write about. Instead of writing about a specific idea, you write all your thoughts down and reflect on them after a few minutes. For some, this works like a brainstorming exercise. For others it can turn into a first draft of an article. Don’t worry about small mistakes and focus on just writing.


Make Deadlines

Even if you don’t have a specific deadline for your writing, make one. Nothing motivates you quite like having something due tomorrow. Working under a deadline also helps with procrastination since the pressure is a reminder that writing needs to be done. You may be one of those people that works better under pressure. If personal deadlines aren’t working, try involving someone else. If you are guest posting on a blog, tell the editor when to expect your article. This makes you responsible not only to yourself but to others. Keeping a calendar with all your deadlines will help you visualize your goals and plan accordingly.


Change Things Up

If you write from the same location every time, you may need a change of scenery. Changing up the work environment affects people differently, so try different locations and see what works for you. Maybe a coffee shop with music or a quiet library room. Just avoid locations that you know will be distracting. Distractions come in all forms so if the location isn’t a problem then it might be the things around you. Turn off your phone and put everything away, block off your schedule to only do writing.


Last but not least, try changing up the way you write. If you write on a computer, try some old fashioned pen and paper. Small things like this may not seem very important but they get your mind thinking about writing and that’s exactly what you need to beat writer’s block.

This Article is a Guest Post From : Andrew Alcal, Blogger .

Updated: January 6, 2017 — 6:03 am

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